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Technical requirements for banners intended for placement on telecombloger.ru website

Technical requirements for banners intended for placement on telecombloger.ru website

1. Files with the following extensions are allowed: .SWF, .GIF, and .JPEG. Files should be 75 Kb or smaller. Placeholder images in GIF, JPEG, and PNG are also allowed.

2. Banners in Flash format are accepted (not above version 8).

3. Click-through should occur only after a click on a Flash banner (onRelease event). Advertised website should be opened in a new browser window after a click on a Flash banner.

4. Flash banner cannot exchange information with other websites. In particular, the following scripts are not permitted:

  • loadMovie, loadMovieNum, and class MovieClipLoader
  • loadVariables, loadVariablesNum, and class LoadVars
  • XML.load, XML.send, and XML.sendAndLoad
  • XMLSocket

5. Flash banner cannot interact with a webpage (scripts getURL («javascript:»), ExternalInterface, etc.).

6. Flash banner should comply with personal privacy regulations, in particular:

  • SharedObject and LocalConnection cannot be used;
  • Access to the microphone or webcam is forbidden;
  • Access to the clipboard is forbidden (System.setClipboard);
  • SWF-files must not contain non-standard SWF-tags used to hide code.

7. Banners should not produce considerable load on a user’s computer when displayed on a webpage

8. Flash banner animation should not interfere with a user. It should not hamper main website content perception (banner designers mustn’t use flashing graphics, flashing backgrounds, etc.).

9. In order to enable click-through counting, all links should be included in a source file (. FLA) in the following way:

on (release) {

10. In order to avoid false operation, it isn’t recommended to use links containing Russian letters, or letters from any other «national» alphabet.



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